You’ve probably heard that the house always wins, but have you ever wondered just how true that is? Does the house always come out ahead when you’re gambling at a casino?

The house always wins with an edge

Check the odds on your game. Games like this usually have a significant house edge.

Let’s look at the facts. For one, a casino is in the business of making money. Everything about them is designed to generate a profit, so of course, the house will have built in “edges” to help them achieve this goal. That’s really what people mean when they talk about the house winning, its about the establishment having an edge against the average gambler. It doesn’t matter how skilful you are as a player or if you gamble in person or in an online casino. The house will always use edges to maximize their profit.

That doesn’t mean you should get discouraged though. Although the house will have the upper hand on most games, there is always a chance for you to win, especially when you understand the house rules. In fact, when you put those rules to work, not only can you win, but you can also improve your odds!

So what is a common tactic that most casinos use to guarantee they profit? One is that they bank on the amount of time a person spends playing a specific game like slots or blackjack. In fact, these rules are even in place at an online casino. Simply, the longer you play, the more chances you have of losing your money to the house.

Play games with better odds

You should also know that certain games have better statistical odds than others. For example, playing blackjack is better than slots, but playing slots is better than keno. The odds just aren’t that great for winning keno. The time limit is also true when you play at a slot machine. Many players find that the longer they stay at certain slots, the more they win.

But what about an online casino? Does the same hold true when you play online? Of course it does. An online casino will use the same tricks to play the house edge and keep profit within the casino, but if you understand these rules, you can play online and use them to your own advantage too!

Online casinos vs offline

Certain games have advantages over others too. Slots, for example, often pay out better online than in person, even though they are one of the more popular games you’ll find. Some slot machines are so popular you may even see them at a bar or a gas station, but you’ll want to avoid those, they aren’t as good as playing at a dedicated casino.

So, does the house always win? Not necessarily. The house has an edge for sure, but if you understand a few of the house rules, you can turn the tables on any casino.