Are casino games rigged?

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Casinos are businesses that need profit to survive. There is always a house advantage to make sure that the casino doesn’t lose too much money. The same goes for online casinos. An online casino must have the advantage to stay afloat. But just like their real-life counterparts, online casino games are not rigged.

Casino Payouts

Are casino games rigged?

Online casino games have odds and payback percentages that are higher than real-life casino games. These advantages make online gaming seem more attractive. And they are. A player has more advantages playing slots online than in real life because the payout is oftentimes higher. But this makes players think that the online casino games are rigged, to make sure that the house always wins so they don’t have to pay out larger amounts. But that is not the case.

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

When players play online, they are playing with games that have been programmed with random number generators and complicated algorithms to make sure the game is completely random every time. With card games and slots alike. And with these programs, there are several laws and regulations in place to make sure online games are ethical and legal.

Probability vs luck in casino games

When players play online they can sometimes have an unlucky streak that makes them think that the game is rigged. Especially when the games do not seem random at all. But they are. Some people just let probability trick them into thinking the game is rigged.

Probability of landing heads or tails?

Let’s do a quick experiment to prove this. Probability says that if you flip a coin ten times then it will land on heads five times. So someone takes out a coin and flips it ten times. Except it lands on heads three of the ten times. Is the probability of the coin landing on heads wrong? No, it is not. What most people often forget is that the ten times you flip the coin is not the total amount of times the coin has and will be flipped. The coin has probably been flipped many times before the experiment and will most likely be flipped many times after. If someone was to add up every single time the coin was flipped and will be flipped then the number of heads and tails will be the same.

And this is how some people think they are being cheated. With the games being completely random, all outcomes will be played a certain number of times due to probability. And the unlucky streak is just a set of outcomes in the probability of the game. Not a rig.

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